Who you deal with:

Keep track of all of those people and businesses that you have dealings with:

  • Consignors – can be individuals or businesses that consign items or products with you for a specified percentage of the sale price.
  • Customers – people who shop in your store.
  • Staff – keep information about your staff members including staff discounts and security level while using Astrix.
  • Suppliers – can be individuals or businesses that consign items or products with you that are provided in multiples of the the same item and may receive a fixed amount when the item or product sells regardless of the selling price, e.g. artisans.
  • Vendors – businesses from whom you purchase inventory for resale.

What you do with those items and products from those you deal with:

Inventory transactions:

  • Drop Offs – a drop off occurs when a consignor leaves a number of items with the store to be consigned and they do not want to wait in the store to have the items processed. 
  • Consignments
  • Donations
  • Returns
  • Sales
  • Refunds
  • Consignor / Supplier Payments
  • Purchases
  • Layaway / Holds
  • Shipment Receipts
  • Adjustments

Astrix Consignment / Retail Software easily handles all types of consignment shops, from clothing to furniture to art and more, and includes unique, powerful features that allow you to mix consignment items with new products.

What you deal with:

Those things in your inventory:

  • Items – unique items handled by the the business that are provided by a specific person or company.  Each items has a unique owner and history with in the store and each item is given a unique inventory SKU number. Individual items may also be purchased from individuals and become the property of the store.
  • Products – something manufactured / created in quantity and purchased from a wholesaler for resale or from individuals / small entrepreneurs.  Each product lot (two or more units of the product) is given a unique inventory SKU. Products may also be consigned or supplied.

Other Business Activities:

Other business functions provided by Astrix:

  • Handles both consignment and retail transactions
  • Run as a Point of Sale (POS) system
  • Handle Canadian sales taxes (GST, PST, HST)
  • Record a gift card sale
  • Issue promotional card
  • Issue a store coupon
  • Issue a store credit
  • Create a consignor account charge or credit
  • Mark inactive accounts
  • Claim monies from inactive accounts
  • Run a rewards program
  • Create and run a cheque run of consignor payments
  • Create a store schedule
  • Make consignor appointments within the store schedule
  • Set system wide defaults
  • Set up a security system that excludes staff from certain screens / reports
  • Set methods of payment for POS processing
  • Track declining balances on gift cards, store credits, and promotional cards
  • If desired, apply automatic discounts on sale items.
  • Set tag colour discounts
  • Global donation of consigned items
  • Capture a physical inventory and apply adjustments
  • Record business expenses
  • Search inventory
  • Check price(s) set on a particular item previously consigned

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